The future of water management is a challenge that the water industry has to face, with international competence and innovative technologies, to provide concrete and sustainable solutions.

We invite you to Cremona, from 24th to 27th October, where we will discuss the hottest issues:

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Chemicals Resistance in Water Treatment (antibiotics, pesticides, nitrates pollution and technical solutions as desalination surface water)
  • Water Distribution Management: Transportation, Storage and Quality
  • Water in Dairy Farming
  • Treatment of Livestock and Abattoirs in the Field of Wastewater

The conference program will generate new business opportunities for companies in the industry and will help meet the growing need for increasingly high-performance technologies, push the market to introduce innovative techniques and lead to avant-garde projects.

If your company operates in the water industry, WATEC Italy 2018 is the ideal platform to showcase your technologies and services.

Find out about excellent business practices that have given the circular economy an added value and meet top company representatives and international delegations, all working towards a shared goal.

WATEC Italy 2018 will take place in conjunction with the 73rd International Livestock Dairy and Cattle Event, which attracts thousands of visitors. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet them.

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